The Importance Of HVAC System Maintenance

We are a company that constantly emphasizes the importance of HVAC maintenance to its’ customers. A dependable HVAC maintenance schedule will ensure that your system runs smoothly. Also, your system will be more reliable and last for longer. Some service requests we receive are the result of people not maintaining their HVAC units correctly. Here are a few things that might occur, if you fail to organize any maintenance:

The Thermostat Will Not Function Properly

If your thermostat stops working correctly, your HVAC system might not switch on when it is meant to, or switch off when you want it to. As well as being harmful to the system, this also negatively impacts the living environment of your loved ones.

Filthy Coils

The evaporator coil in your HVAC system is situated on the unit indoors, and functions similar to a radiator – to ensure that the air traveling through the ductwork is cooled or heated correctly. A filthy evaporator coil might limit airflow, which drastically reduces the efficiency of the unit. The filth sometimes harbors mildew and mold, lowering the quality of air indoors.

Over the warmer months, the condenser coil on your outside HVAC unit works to eliminate the warm air it comes into contact with. If the coil is clean, it can carry out this process more efficiently. If it is filthy, though, the efficiency of the unit will drop dramatically, increasing your utility bills and decreasing the lifespan of the unit.

A Filthy Filter

The purpose of air filters on HVAC units is to block any dander, allergens, pollen, and other particles in the atmosphere that could damage your health. Good air filters provide you with high-quality air indoors, which prevents illnesses and shortens the time you have to suffer them when they do occur. If an air filter becomes filthy, particles in the atmosphere are not blocked and can enter your property through the ductwork. Then, they will be inhaled by your loved ones.

Clogged Condenser

The condenser is a crucial part of an HVAC system. It is in charge of condensing, subcooling and desuperheating, to ensure that the air flowing through your property is the correct temperature. If the condenser becomes clogged, the normal heat transfer will be unable to happen, so the temperature of the condenser will increase. Once this occurs, the HVAC system will not function effectively and, if left uncared for, it might burn out.

Leaking Units

A leak in an HVAC system can originate from a variety of sources: debris or dirt might be blocking the drain hole, the pump in the condenser might be broken, the unit seals are too loose, or the hose is blocked or clogged. Any of these problems can arise if you fail to maintain your unit properly.

Power Outages

Included in our maintenance scheme is a yearly twenty-one point assessment, where we will ensure that your HVAC system can fire up correctly and switch off correctly. If it can not, you will become highly frustrated when your property is too cold or warm, because the thermostat settings can’t be changed.

Filthy Blower

An HVAC blower is meant to push cool or hot air throughout your property. If it becomes filthy, it needs extra energy to function, which costs you money. If the blower becomes too filthy, it will stop working completely. In this instance, most HVAC contractors recommend installing a new HVAC unit.